Holiday Gift Guide for: HIM

Hi everyone and happy Thanksgiving (almost)!  I hope you’re looking forward to a great weekend spent with family and friends and some yummy food.  Let’s jump into the post!  This week, I’m going to be sharing my gift ideas for the wonderful man in your life!  These ideas can be used for family, friends, or that special someone.  Let’s get started!


1.  The first idea is one that I used last year for my boyfriend!  I always pick a theme when I’m gift giving so I deemed last Christmas the year of leather.  I found this leather wallet and leather key chain both on Etsy!  On the wallet, I put his initials and on the key chain I put the coordinates of where we first met.  I think personalizing the items made them extra special and meaningful!

2.  Another gift idea I’ve used on my boyfriend is music accessories!  If the guy you’re buying for is into music, go for something like a portable speaker or a good pair of headphones.  Portable speakers are so nice because he can take it to practice, hiking, or he could even use it when he’s just hanging out at his place!

3.  My third gift idea is clothing.  I think this one is the trickiest of all because you have to know his style and what sizes he wears.  If you can successfully get past both of those obstacles, you’re gold!  Pick out something that you think would look super cute on him and then you have an excuse to pick out a new outfit for yourself to match! 😉

4.  The next idea is shaving tools!  I’ve never purchased a shaving kit for anyone before but I think it’s a great gift!  Often times, shaving tools aren’t something that a guy will put a lot of thought and money into so it would be nice to be able to treat them to something they’ll be able to use everyday!  Check out Dollar Shave Club for some great products!

5.  My last idea is game tickets!  In my opinion, this is the best idea out of all of them.  Most guys would die to go see their favorite team play and the best part is you’d get to go with him to watch!  This is perfect for any guy, whether you’ve been dating him for years or if you’re just starting out, or even if it’s for someone in your family!

That’s all for this gift guide, I hope you enjoyed!  I loved being able to share fun gift ideas for those who are close to you!  If you were able to use any of them, let me know in the comments.  I love hearing from you guys!  See ya next week!


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