Jewelry Hour ft. The Makery VA

Hi everyone, thanks for coming back to my blog!  In this week’s post, we’re going to dive into one of my absolute favorite jewelry companies, The Makery VA.  Keep reading to find out more about this wonderful brand!

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The Makery is owned by Kaitlyn Mullan and she’s just the cutest!  Her mission behind the company is to use handcrafted jewelry to remind us that we’re tremendously beautiful and loved; how sweet!  We were so carefully created by our God and she wants to highlight that through her art form – making jewelry.  Her goal is to remind each and every one of us of our worth through carefully handcrafting jewelry that accentuates our beauty and to remind us of the jewels that we truly are!  After hearing all that, I’m sure you can imagine why I’m so obsessed with her and her brand!

Before we get more into the pieces I’m sharing with you all today, she’s so graciously given us a discount code to her Etsy shop!  If you enter allisoninwonderland where it says “apply shop coupon code,” you’ll get 15% off your order.  Now, let’s get into the pieces so you can get to shopping! 🙂

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The first two pieces are both necklaces!  As you can see in the photo above, not only are they great for layering together, but they both stand out wonderfully on their own.  Both are so unique and I just love how they add so much to a simple outfit!  The shorter necklace is called the Howlite Beaded Bar Necklace and the longer one is called the Tassel Necklace.  These pieces are under $30 and are so worth it!  Handmade and beautiful?  I don’t think you can get much better than that!

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The next two pieces are the ones I’m most excited to share because you guys know that I love rings!  They’re my favorite accessory so it’s so easy for me to fall in love with them and that was definitely the case with these two!  The ones I’m wearing in the photo above are called the Half Moon Ring and the 6mm Opal Ring.  The Half Moon Ring is actually my favorite piece that Kaitlyn has ever made and I always love a good opal ring so my heart was bursting when I opened up my little package!  Both of these pieces are also $30 or under (which is a steal for opal) and I couldn’t be happier with them!

I think any of these pieces would make such perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for someone in your life, especially since you’ll get 15% off your order!  If you’re interested, head over to The Makery’s Etsy page to check out the rest of her collection.  As always, let me know in the comments, or tag me on Instagram at @allisantmyer, to show me what you got!  Have a great rest of your week and I’ll see you next Tuesday for a brand new post!


Holiday Gift Guide for: HIM

Hi everyone and happy Thanksgiving (almost)!  I hope you’re looking forward to a great weekend spent with family and friends and some yummy food.  Let’s jump into the post!  This week, I’m going to be sharing my gift ideas for the wonderful man in your life!  These ideas can be used for family, friends, or that special someone.  Let’s get started!


1.  The first idea is one that I used last year for my boyfriend!  I always pick a theme when I’m gift giving so I deemed last Christmas the year of leather.  I found this leather wallet and leather key chain both on Etsy!  On the wallet, I put his initials and on the key chain I put the coordinates of where we first met.  I think personalizing the items made them extra special and meaningful!

2.  Another gift idea I’ve used on my boyfriend is music accessories!  If the guy you’re buying for is into music, go for something like a portable speaker or a good pair of headphones.  Portable speakers are so nice because he can take it to practice, hiking, or he could even use it when he’s just hanging out at his place!

3.  My third gift idea is clothing.  I think this one is the trickiest of all because you have to know his style and what sizes he wears.  If you can successfully get past both of those obstacles, you’re gold!  Pick out something that you think would look super cute on him and then you have an excuse to pick out a new outfit for yourself to match! 😉

4.  The next idea is shaving tools!  I’ve never purchased a shaving kit for anyone before but I think it’s a great gift!  Often times, shaving tools aren’t something that a guy will put a lot of thought and money into so it would be nice to be able to treat them to something they’ll be able to use everyday!  Check out Dollar Shave Club for some great products!

5.  My last idea is game tickets!  In my opinion, this is the best idea out of all of them.  Most guys would die to go see their favorite team play and the best part is you’d get to go with him to watch!  This is perfect for any guy, whether you’ve been dating him for years or if you’re just starting out, or even if it’s for someone in your family!

That’s all for this gift guide, I hope you enjoyed!  I loved being able to share fun gift ideas for those who are close to you!  If you were able to use any of them, let me know in the comments.  I love hearing from you guys!  See ya next week!

Holiday Gift Guide for: HER

Hi everyone and welcome to the beginning of the holiday season here on Allison In Wonderland!  I’m so excited to be able to share my first gift guide post with you today!  Throughout the rest of the post, I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite gift ideas (of all different price ranges) for the woman in your life, whether it be your mom, your sister, a best friend, or a significant other.  I hope you enjoy!


1.   DIY Spa Package.  This idea is so easy!  Just head to Lush (or your favorite bath and body store) and pick out a few items; you can’t go wrong!  Grab a bath bomb, a bubble bar, and your favorite lib scrub scent and you’re good to go.  She’ll love it!

2.  A baking kit and recipe box.  This idea is for the woman in your life who is always in the kitchen, making something delicious!  Rifle Paper Co. has gorgeous recipe boxes that can beautifully accompany a winter-themed baking kit!  You can find a relatively inexpensive baking kit at Target or Walmart.  All you need are some cute, festive cookie cutters and a dough roller and your girl is set!

3.  A blanket and a candle.  I have to say, this idea is the easiest (and the coziest) out of all of them!  If you know that she loves to snuggle up for movie marathons, this is the gift for her.  Find the perfect comfy blanket and a winter-scented candle and your gift is complete!

4.  Jewelry!  This one’s a given.  Most girls love getting jewelry during the holidays but make it a little funky this year!  Try to pick out items that are a bit different than things she usually gets and that will be really special to her, like this ring and earring set from High Point Supply Co.!  Another jewelry company that I absolutely love is The Makery!  Everything is handmade and her pieces are just beautiful.  Some of my favorites for the holiday season is this fern necklace, these wishbone studs, and an opal ring!  All of them are under $30 and will add so much to your holiday outfits.  If you decide to order from The Makery, enter allisoninwonderland at the checkout where it says “apply shop coupon code” to get 15% off your order!  What a deal!

5.  Letterboards!  I think this is such a neat Christmas gift!  Letterboards have really become trendy this past year and it’s the perfect gift for the interior design-minded girl.  If you purchase this board from Letterfolk, you get the board plus 290 characters (letters and numbers) so you’ll be able to write out whatever you want!  It’s the perfect apartment/home accessory!

If you purchase a candle or jewelry (or anything!) from High Point Supply Co., enter allisoninwonderland at the spot at checkout that says “enter affiliate code here” in red.  By doing this, we can give towards ending the injustice of human trafficking and shop for a cause!

That’s all for this gift guide, I hope you got some creative ideas!  I recently shared some more gift ideas on CandidlyKeri’s blog, so be sure to check out her site as well!  Next week will be a Holiday Gift Guide for: HIM, so be sure to check back if you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for the man in your life.  Have a great week!

Fall & Winter Lookbook ft. The Yellow Button

Hey everyone and thanks for visiting Allison in Wonderland!  Today, I’m excited to share my first lookbook-style post and it’s going to be all about fall and winter fashion!  To bring you today’s post, I’m collaborating with a shop located right here in Harrisonburg, Virginia called The Yellow Button!  The Yellow Button is an adorable clothing shop located in downtown Harrisonburg.  Miranda, the owner, has created such a wonderful company and it’s always so exciting to see what new items she’s gotten in store!  All the clothing items seen below can be found at The Yellow Button, so if you see something you like, you might have to stop by!

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The first outfit I’m going to share is such a statement outfit!  It’s absolutely perfect for the fall/winter transition weeks we’re going through right now and it was surprisingly easy to pull it all together.  The gray, ribbed long sleeve shirt, printed cape/sweater, and dark gray hat I’m wearing are all by Michael Stars.  I’d never heard of this brand before doing this shoot, but now I’m completely obsessed.  The clothing kept me so warm and it was super comfy and soft as well!

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The next outfit is one of my favorite types of outfits for the fall season.  Scarves and hats add so much to your look, I can’t help but be in love with them!  Starting off, my gray sweater is by French Connection.  You can’t really tell in the photos, but it has slits going up the sides, which are super convenient to be able to show off cute, high waisted pants you might have on!  I’m not sure what brand the printed scarf is, but I LOVE it.  It’s so, so soft and perfect for tying an outfit together, especially when you’re wearing a hat.  The hat I’m wearing is by Lucky Brand and, don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with big floppy hats, but it was nice that this one was a bit smaller and didn’t get in the way!  Lastly, the bag I’m carrying is by the brand Fashionable and it’s called the Tirhas Saddlebag.  It’s so slim and sleek but you can still fit all your necessities in there!  Definitely one of my favorite purses of the moment!

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This next outfit really caught my attention because it brings a little color back into your wardrobe!  If you’re anything like me, when we start getting into the colder weather, your clothing choices get darker and darker, so with these options, you can easily change that.  This turtle-neck sweater is from BillaBong and the bag is from Nena + Co.!  When we were taking these photos, it was about 35 degrees outside and this sweater kept me so warm!  It’s pretty chunky but it doesn’t swallow you up, which is the best of both worlds!  This incredible bag has also been something I’ve been obsessed with ever since I saw it.  It’s SO big so it can carry a ton and it’s also a statement piece to help spice up your outfit!

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This next outfit is a classic in my book.  It’s perfect for errand day, lunch out with friends, a picnic at the park, anything!  The maxi-dress is from En Creme and it has the best fit.  It’s tighter at the top but transitions to being loose very nicely and the print is so eye-catching!  The hat I’m wearing is from BillaBong and it’s goes perfectly with the jean jacket/maxi-dress combination.  With it being a lighter color, it helps the other pieces stand out even more.  I love the effortless vibe this look gives!

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

This last outfit is my absolute favorite of all the ones shown in this post!  It’s just so cute (and not to mention cozy)!  To start off, the shirt I’m wearing is from Free People.  What I love about this shirt (other than it being from one of my favorite clothing companies) is the detail on the end of the sleeves.  It’s almost like an accessory in itself but it’s subtle enough where it doesn’t take over the whole shirt.  The adorable corduroy vest is from Wishlist and it’s something that I can totally see myself wearing all throughout the fall and winter.  It’s a beautiful color that I don’t have a lot of, so it’s the perfect addition to my wardrobe!  To round the outfit off, the knitted hat is from Lemon and the puff on the top is so big; I’m obsessed!  Outfits like these are so easy to throw together but they still end up looking so good!

This is the end of my fall and winter lookbook, I hope you loved it!  I’d like to give a big thank you to Miranda at The Yellow Button for providing all the clothes shown in this post.  If you use any of these outfit ideas, be sure to let me know in the comments; I’d love to see!  Have a great week and I’ll see ya next time!

Beauty Babbles: LUSH + November Desktop Wallpapers

Hey guys and happy November!  Welcome to the first post in my new series; Beauty Babbles!  I’ve been wanting to dive more into the beauty part of my blog and I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

In today’s post, I’m going to be focusing on the brand Lush!  I’ve been a Lush fan for a long time now and they’re always coming out with new products, so today, I’m going to share a little bit about a few of my favorites!

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Mask of Magnaminty Face & Body Mask + Popcorn Lip Scrub

As you can see in the photo above, the products I’m going to be zoning in on are the Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask and the Popcorn Lip Scrub.  The Popcorn Lip Scrub is actually a product that’s a repurchase for me!  I first bought it about two years ago and loved it so much that I bought it again at the end of the summer!  This is truly a product that you’ll want all throughout the year.  It’s perfect for when your lips are chapped in the winter AND for when your lips are burnt in the summer!  Not that you would ever wish for either of those things to happen to you, but when it does, it’s nice to be able to treat it with a nice, yummy-scented exfoliant that gives soft, smooth lips!  Before buying this product, I’d never had a lip exfoliator and now I’ll never go back; especially since it’s under $10!  I’d say I use it about once a week and that’s all you need!

Moving on to the next product, the Magnaminty Face and Body Mask is my favorite face mask I’ve ever used!  Made up of china clay and peppermint oil, it really gets deep down into your pores and leaves you with such clean skin!  You also get a nice, cool sensation on your skin while using it, due to the peppermint oil in the ingredients.  Another reason I love it is because of how easy it is to take off!  I’ve tried other face masks where no matter how much water I splash onto my face, it won’t soften up again and then you feel like you’re damaging your skin trying to scratch the mask off with your nails!  This one isn’t like that AT ALL.  As soon as you wet it again, it comes right off and you’re left with squeaky clean skin!

That’s all for the Lush products I’m using right now, but I’m sure I’ll be getting more soon, especially with the holidays right around the corner! 🙂  To round out this post, I’ve collaborated with Candidly Keri to bring you a few beautiful November desktop wallpapers!  Keri has made 4 exclusive ones just for us!  Two of them incorporate my favorite verse, Matthew 28:20, and the other two are super cute and festive November calendar wallpapers.  I will definitely be using these this month and I’d love it if you did too!





Let me know if you have any Lush favorites and if you’d like to see a post on them.  Also, be sure to check out Keri’s blog if you’re interested; it’s super cool!  Have a great week!