Summer Outfit of the Day

Hi guys, welcome back to Allison in Wonderland!  For this week’s post, I thought putting together a little outfit of the day would be fun, especially now that we’re finally getting into summertime weather!


Pictured above is an outfit that I wore for a photoshoot I planned for my sorority, Sigma Alpha Omega.  SAO is the Christian sorority at James Madison and we had such a good day doing this shoot!  It was fun to see everyone dressed up and being able to spend the day doing something different.

My outfit is from an assortment of stores so I’ll get right to it!  My dress is from Urban Outfitters, my favorite store!  It’s a white dress with some lace detailing and it’s perfect for summer.  I’d been eyeing this dress for a while and by the time I finally got around to going to the mall, they only had one left and it was my size!  Woohoo!  A bonus to this dress is it has a built in slip so you won’t be able to see through it!  My army green vest is from American Eagle and perfect to pair with almost any outfit.  You can wear it with a sundress, jeans and a t-shirt, anything!  It’s not the most summery color but I think it provides a nice contrast to an outfit.  Finally, my little brown booties are from Forever 21 (they were also pictured in my Things I’m Loving Right Now post from back in March).  I’ve had these booties for a couple years now and they’re still going strong – I wear them all the time and they’re so comfortable, even when I have to walk all over campus!

That wraps up today’s “Outfit of the Day” post!  Thanks for visiting my blog and be sure to come back next Tuesday for another post!  Have a great week! 🙂


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