My Week in Review: May 17th – 24th

Hi everyone and welcome back to Allison In Wonderland!  For today’s post, I had an idea that I thought would be kind of cool to do; a review of my week!  My main reason for writing this blog is to be able to document what’s going on in my life so I can look back on it later, so I thought this would be a different and fun way to write – I hope you like it!

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This past week was a very exciting week because I began my summer internship!  This is my first internship/job in the field that I’m hoping to work in one day so I didn’t quite know what to expect right off the bat.  I had toured the office twice before starting and loved the atmosphere and vibes of the office, but going for a tour and going for your first day of work felt a bit different!  The place I’m working at is a marketing firm and, since I’m an advertising major, it’s very relevant to where I want to go with my career.  So far, I’ve worked alongside the Creative Services team, which are the graphic designers and the copyeditor, and it’s been amazing!  I feel very respected by everyone at the company and that’s something that a lot of interns wouldn’t be able to say, so I feel very grateful I’m working with these particular people.  I’ve already been given the opportunity to actually design logos and invitations and such and I’ve only been there for one week!  I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the summer and can’t wait to keep you guys updated!  Let me know in the comment section if you have any ideas for other internship related blog post ideas!

The next exciting thing that happened this week was that I attended a wedding!  I’ve only been to two weddings in my whole life (before this one) and I was very young when I went to both of them, so I don’t remember much.  Because of that, I was really excited to go to this one!  I went with my boyfriend, so I didn’t know the bride and groom and didn’t know too many people there, but I could still feel how much love the couple has for one another and the great group of people that they were able to bring together on their special day.  I wish them the best in their marriage and can’t wait to see where this incredible journey takes them!

Overall, it was such a great week and I can’t wait to do more posts like this in the future – it’s going to be an exciting summer!  Also, The Bachelorette started last night and I already have my final four in mind!  Let me know if you’d like to see some Bachelorette posts on this site!  Thanks for reading!


Sweetlife Festival: 2016

Hi everyone, I’m back this week with a post about a music festival that my boyfriend and I attended this past weekend!  I’ve been wanting to go to a festival for a while now and this one was too good of an offer to pass up!  The tickets were only $100 and there were so many cool artists coming!

The festival was in Columbia, Maryland, at Merriweather Post Pavilion, and it’s called the Sweetlife Festival!  Sweetlife is a one-day festival, run by SweetGreen, a local restaurant chain.  Since Sweetlife is put on by them, they wisely combine the music with food, and make it a combination music/food festival!  This year, they had The 1975 and Halsey headlining and they drew such a great crowd because they featured a variety of artists on the three stages at the venue.


It started around 12 but we didn’t end up getting there until a little after 3 because we wanted to watch specific people and didn’t want to tire out too early!  As it turns out, a thunderstorm started right when we got there and it poured for about two hours.  Even though we tried to take cover under a tree, we still got soaked.  After the rain stopped, the sun actually came out so that helped to warm us up as we walked around to see different performances and get some food!  We mostly stayed on the lawn by the Main Stage, where Blondie, Grimes, The 1975, and a few others performed.  Flume and Halsey were back on the Treehouse Stage, so it was very nicely spaced out.  The different stages were all really different from each other which made the venue perfect for suiting the various artists!

All in all, I really enjoyed the day!  The vibe was a lot different than I was expecting but it was still a ton of fun to experience, especially since it was my first festival.  I would definitely recommend it to the younger, high school/college crowd and would consider going back in the future – although, I will definitely be checking the weather before buying tickets.  🙂

Thank you for reading today’s post and I’ll have another one for you next Tuesday!  Have a great day!


How To: Survive Finals Week

Hi!  Today, I’m back with a post about how to survive finals week when you’re in college!  I’m actually writing this in the middle of my finals week so all this advice is definitely real – I’m using it right now! 🙂

My first bit of advice is to make sure you get enough sleep.  It’s so tempting to feel like you need to pull an all-nighter before your exam, especially if it’s an early exam the next day and you’re stressed that you might not do well.  You want to study for as long as possible (maybe because you put it off until the day before) and feel like you can retain the information better if you just don’t go to sleep at all, but sleep actually helps us to remember and sort out the information we’ve learned that day and will make your mind more alert when you go to take your exam.  I always study right up until I go to sleep the night before and then study more, in the morning, right before the exam.  That way I’m alert and able to take the exam with a clear mind, but all the exam information that I studied is fresh in my mind.

Second, take time to make sure you look like yourself.  I know throwing on sweatpants and a t-shirt is convenient and quick when you’re busy and stressed but if you don’t go through your normal routine and dress how you usually do, your brain won’t know it has to perform.  Getting ready as you do on a daily basis signals to your brain that your day is beginning and things are happening.  If you never go through this process, your brain will still be in “sleep” mode and won’t be ready to take a test.  This is something I’ve started doing and paying attention to recently and it’s mentally helped me out a lot!

Third, make sure you’re eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.  When we’re constantly on the go, we can easily forget to eat and drink as we should.  Eating healthy takes more time and energy than just grabbing a Pop-Tart, but, in the end, you’ll be glad you took the time to take care of yourself when everyone around you is getting sick!  Emergen-C can also help you out a lot.  It’s just a little extra boost for your immune system that could make or break your health during finals week!

Lastly, recognize that your final exam grades don’t define who you are as a person.  It’s hard to be in college and not fall victim to the idea that you aren’t as successful as your peers.  We constantly compare our own grades to our friend’s grades and, in reality, most of the time we aren’t even taking the same classes so we aren’t comparing the same thing.  Some college students are better at certain subjects than others and, as long as you’re doing your best, that’s all anyone can ask for.  Getting good grades is very helpful, but I think any employer would value hard work and diligence over knowledge anyways. 🙂

I hope this post helps you take a moment to relax and take a step back from your hectic finals week!  Let me know in the comments below what your best finals week advice is and I’ll be sure to comment back!  See you next week!